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    Woman empowerment

    God has given us a daughter, how would we account for a daughter?

    All the questions were wrong, so what would you answer?

    Today whose voice you suppressed under your feet,

    He should turn the direction of the storm, you would have given the right.

    You probably do not realize the power of a woman,

    There is no light of life in this world without women.

    Without women in this world, neither I will be there nor you will be there.

    If there is a woman then she is everything, maybe you do not believe.

    From woman we became you, life blossomed in this universe,

    In this sad world, the buds of love blossomed again.

    Created history too, by doing something like this,

    Whose feet you find not only on earth but also in the sky.

    Don't insult women, because of whom you walk,

    A woman has given birth to you, you grow up in the lap of a woman.

    Don't think that women don't know how to move forward,

    Don't think that women don't know how to fight with sorrow.

    Whenever a woman was born, in this life of darkness,

    He knows how to fight with every difficulty, and collide with conflicts.

    The one who gave love to a woman, was respected,

    The one who considered a woman weak, then she too was despised.

    The one who used woman only as consumption,

    So in his life of light, there was darkness like black night.

    After all, in this modern life, why is it understood,

    Why then there is discrimination between boys and girls.

    After all, why doesn't normality come to people's mind,


    Debanjali Adhikary

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