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    Hope gives you hook

    Thought 1 - Give some time to time, time comes too you and say its your time. - Tilok Kumar

    Thought 2- Something needs something then something will happen. 
    - Trilok kumar
    Hope gives you hook 
    More then anything
    What you actually look, 
    When you move like a gun ( bullet) 
    When you earn like elon 
    Your enemy gonna burn like a Sun
    If UPSC is the dream 
    Then there is a way 
    Choose a path and move away
    It prevent from decay
    If not created hope create today, 
    It is applicable on all the way 
    One sided love is also a Hope 
    Put it on the top, 
    Why she refuses, look at me 
    Whatever I have done welfare for your fun
    If you have hope no need of other soap, 
    It gives you motivation behind your situation. 

    ~ Trilok Kumar

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