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    He pulled her closer,
    And her fingers did flutter,
    But he was born to own her,
    And she was born in that seductive fur,
    Because they had to follow the trend,
    Till the end,
    And as the lights were glared,
    The audience stared,
    Because it was all about followers and subscribers,
    Solely interested in the As one grooves to the tunes of modern music, do we find something common amidst the varied indications of the lyrics accompanying the modern melody?One can observe a gradual shift from Marilyn Monroe's mascara to Nicki Minaj's gluteus maximus. And that has been interrupted by the revolution heralded by the classic phrase popularized by Miss Jenna Ortega's character in the famous Netflix series, "Wednesday", "A classic example of female objectification for the male gaze". While the aforesaid generation of songs sounds interesting to viewers; this new revolution is a contralateral diversion to the harshest reality of our generation. And the reality claims that with adulterated milk, come sexualized songs for free! While the underprivileged and uneducated feel obliged to be controlled by their desires, the suburbs and urban population enjoy the government of lust. And the truly pure? They enjoy long drives in roofless cabriolets with the ribbons of attachment being dumped on the roadside. So, legacies formulated would be discovered only when the cabriolets crash to death and the ailing wisdom would deliver its last words of knowledge to ears covered with the headphones playing the same obscene notes. And then the Blackstreet has the solemn right to say, "I like the way you work it!" when Lord Jesus orders Lady Gaga to "dance with her hands" but without her clothes.To add up, Rihana was infectious enough to detect "sex in the air". What is a song in the 21st century? A half-naked or naked petite woman with a brawny, half-naked or naked man portraying the maximum amount of on-screen intimacy allowed by the censorship board. Anything besides this theme is absolute creativity. It is as if spiritual innocence has been avulsed out of normal trends. As a matter of mere serendipity, all of us somehow have enjoyed this without comprehending the nature of the influences thereby produced in the subconscious which eventually formulate extremities of sexual desires when raised to the level of consciousness quite naturally. And then there are songs mocking the moral policing of uncles and aunties while regarding them as unwanted orthodox invaginations and lesions in the main social stream of inevitable changes. We need History not as a subject but as a guide to remind us of the methods of systematically guessing the possible consequences. The taunts and tantrums of the previous generation (in my humble opinions) are not meant to be fully ignored. They are meant to be filtered through the endurance of the mind. As could be very well understood, resistance to the inevitability of change gives that space for debate and discussion to decide the accuracy of intentions driving the change. Else it is quite okay for one to have his emotions swirl around a married individual. Even the era glorifies the romance between Peshwa Bajirao and his Mastani while we forget to reconsider what was but the fault of Kashibai? Why make empty promises of dedication and honesty when one cannot uphold the honour of these heavy words. Sexuality should neither be like the completely open hibiscus exposing its pollen to all the bees that fly around nor like the Venus flytrap concealing its reality as a predator. Sexuality should neither be like the sunflower completely abiding by the sun nor like the night-blooming jasmine completely defying the sun. Sexuality blossoms naturally when it resembles the marigold flower when the viewer does not have a complete view of one's privacy. Neither is there any wish to dwell deeper into the inner contents of the marigold flower because the only way to do so is to destroy the inflorescence which is no less than permanently ravishing the beauty of your partner’s sexuality. Certain things just like the inner part of the marigold and the internals of sexuality are better a secret. The compact capitulum of the marigold petals is in itself alluring enough to convince you that yes! It is but your perfect partner. Have faith on the internalised values that are evident in the outer capitulum because doubts and prejudices only ruin the natural flavour of sexuality. Obviously I am in support of open discussions on sexual health. However, sexuality is very individualistic and should be explored within the limits of the comfort of the partner. We blame the Indian uncles and aunties to be judgemental and highly imperative in their tone. But now that I have seen younger generation challenging the elderly with new facets of technology, I can clearly see who is being judgemental. There is mutual culture of heartbreaking comments gradually replacing the link of communication between generations. And as we call it “SAVAGE!”, we must remember that we were meant to be civilised and considerate and not savage. The elderly have had their own frustrations of life, tolerated it along with the aging hormones of their own parents, uncles and aunties. One must remember that sex is not just what we do with our partners on beds and nowadays inside dancing cars. Sex is also what has helped us originate and the process that will aid us perpetuate our origin. So a degree of decency and respect could be expected in lieu of harsh desires. Having said this, we must remember that our relation with our parents is also sexual because it is via coitus that the zygote developing into our consciousness, came into existence at the first place. It is natural for people to have sexual desires for married individuals. But is it in general ethical? The emotional compatibility preceding the nourishment of a new form of life has been set up, and interrupting it only on virtues of attraction and lust is a bigger mistake than the considered casualty of one-night stands and extra-marital affairs. One must have a deep feeling of respect while feeling one’s own body via palpation or meditation. It is okay to have pleasure while watching nude models, leaked sex tapes and pornography. But pleasure without purpose creates a sense of indifference between wilderness and humanity. We judge uncles and aunties with their dressing sense, ways of formality and fears of future. We tease them for their methods and behavioural traits that we consider outdated. What we need to remember that denser canopies have stronger roots to stand erect. Maturity is respecting the most irritating elderly interventions because all of them have been formed on the fundamental of unconditional love. We need to remember the base of inter-generation connections is also supported by the purity of sexuality. So keeping our sexuality safe from unhealthy exposure is an urgent compulsion besides an ignored responsibility. When our seniors say that many modern movies appear irrelevant and incomprehensible, they are trying to remind us of the primary objective of cinematography which is to convey a message. Probably, our elderly parents, uncles and aunties are finding for those messages which we should have searched for while they were being buried by the modern trends. Maybe the next time you see Christian Trevelyan Grey and Anastasia Rose Steele painting a new love story in a different shade of grey, the reflex of a genuinely irritated feminist proves that you have started searching for the hidden messages. 

    She pushed him away,
    And he did not insist her to stay,
    They both walked their own way,
    Towards a new day,
    Because in the end,
    They created their own trend...

    Ayush Amlan

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